Managing the Stage of Job Bags

Auto Job stage update

Using the auto update Job stage feature of PromoServe, the stage of a job can be automatically updated by the status of constituent Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Works Orders and Overprints. The job stage is changed according to the following table

Job Stage Stage Name Sales Orders Purchase Orders Works Orders Overprints Other
Stage HP01 Order Entered New Order        
Stage HP02 Order Acknowledged Acknowledged        
Stage HP03 Order On Hold Acknowledged       Order/Customer On Hold
Stage HP04 PO Raised Not Sent Acknowledged Requisition New Works Order New Overprint  
Stage HP05 Proof Sent Acknowledged Requisition New Works Order New Overprint Proof Approval printed
Stage HP06 Proof Approved Acknowledged Requisition New Works Order New Overprint Proof Approval completed
Stage HP07 PO Sent Acknowledged/Reserved New Order Reserved New Overprint  
Stage HP08 PO Progressed Acknowledged Progressed Added to Planner Added to Planner  
Stage HP09 Goods Received Acknowledged Fully Delivered Completed Complete  
Stage HP10 Despatched & Invoiced Despatched & Inv. Fully Delivered Completed Complete  
Job Closed   Despatched & Inv. Delivered & Invoiced Completed Complete  

Where there is more than one PO or SO contained within a job, PromoServe uses that which is least progressed i.e. takes the most cautious view. The button to allow this auto-update is named "xxx". To run the update job stage program automatically, use the Windows scheduler on the server machine. The program to schedule is: C:PromoServeBincrmautoadjust.exe DB=C:PromoServe

Preloaded job stage descriptions

To make it easier to manage your jobs, we pre-load the key job stages detailed below for use with your Job Management Center.


You can create your own stages in Codes & Phrases if these stages are not suitable for your business. The job stages have been color coded to help you manage your Job Management Center: Red job is on hold until these stages have been completed Orange job is progressing and with supplier Green Everything has been completed just awaiting completion of the process