Using Auto Processes to Manage Your Business

A key benefit of implementing software / technology in your business is the ability to automate repetitive tasks. Although PromoServe has always had the ability to automate some tasks, we have realized that we need to make this process easier and give users more options. We have created the new "Run Auto Processes™" module

This enables you to create your own processes but includes the following standard options


Thanks for your Order
Automatically confirm receipt of orders
Sales Order Reporting

Chase Artwork
Chase artwork required from clients needed to fulfil order orders
CRM / Job Management Reporting

Chase Cash
Chase outstanding debts / deposits
CRM / Job Management Reporting
Sales Invoice Reporting

Chase Suppliers on Delivery Dates
Chase Suppliers concerning Deliveries
Purchase Order Reporting

Confirm Order Shipped
Confirm shipment of Sales Orders
Shipment Reporting

Chase Reorders / Non Orders
Chase customers to reorder a specific job or chase customers that have not ordered for a set period
Sales Order & Customer Reporting

Deliver Sales / Stock Data to Customers
Create reports that send data on sales / stock to customers
Product Reporting & Shipment Reporting

Plus many other applications you may find useful

These processes have all been pre-configured in your software but to create your own process:

Stage 1 Set up & save Auto Data Export for your chosen criteria (Report / Export)

Stage 2 Set up E-Shot to run the Auto Process

Stage 3 Click the "Generate E-Mail™" option to send

The following fields are available to merge into the emails