Step 1: From your Home, select Add a Banner from the Banners Dropdown.




Step 2: Type in banner reference, choose banner display options and upload banner image. To upload banner image, click Browse, select file and then Upload. Click Save Changes.




Step 3: The banner will be added to the banner list. To edit a banner, click Edit, located to the right of the banner image.




Step 4: To display banners, Select My Pages from the Pages dropdown.


Step 5: Locate the page you want the banner to display on and Click Edit Layout and Contents of that page.


Step 6: Add a Banner module to the page by selecting Banners from the dropdown located at the top left of the screen, click Insert Module.



Step 7: Edit the Banner module. Choose the banners that you want to display from the Banners dropdown. Select the amount you want to show at one time, amount per row and number of seconds you want the banner to display before changing. Tip: you will want to only select 1 banner to show and 1 per row to activate rotating banners. Click Save Changes.


Step 8: Once your image is displayed the way you like, click Publish to put the new banner or banners live on your website