How to Carry Over Product Details for Similar Products


Within your order processing system, you may occasionally find that you have to upload multiple products with very similar attributes. In these cases it can be very time consuming to enter the same details time and again. With this in mind, the order procesing system has a feature that allows you to carry over product details to the next product so you can simply amend as needed.


To access this feature, first enter the product entry screen for the product you wish to copy over. Once you have entered all the necessary information scroll to the bottom of the screen. You will find two checkboxes, as shown below:

Check the ‘use this info for the next product’ option


Provided this option is checked, when you click ‘Check / Save Product’ and move to the next screen, the ‘Add a Similar Product’ button should now show below the ‘Product has been saved’ message, as shown below:

After clicking ‘Add a similar Product’ you will be taken to another product entry screen with the details from your previous product already populated. From here, you can amend the product code for the new product and amend details as you need to. When you’re happy, click Save and Publish live to your site. If necessary, you can repeat this method as many times as needed.