Channl FAQ’s


This help sheet will run through our most commonly asked questions.

  •  “What’s the catch?” – There is no catch! We want your business. We can help you make your business more efficient, which makes our business more efficient, ultimately creating a win-win for the both of us.

  • “How can it be free?” ­– Simple. We charge the suppliers – not you – for every order. Because of that we provide everything to you for free and help you start selling.

  • “Is customer info secure?” – We utilize the leading party payment gateways like PayPal and to ensure all payment information is secure. You can rest assured that your customer information is also secure because we have developed and housed all the

    websites in Amazon Web Service giving the utmost security. In addition to security, you (the distributor) controls who views the websites and the information you want to show them, even having the ability to make your end user custom sites private and password


  • “How long will it take to create a website for my customers?” – We have already created a couple websites for a few of your past customers to show you the true power of the end-to-end solution. Our patented technology allows us to automatically create sites on our

    platform so we are able to create as many sites as our distributor partners have customers or leads. If we do the sites for you, the typical turnaround time will be 24 hours whether it is one site or 100 sites but we also have a very user-friendly tool that allows for you to

    make additional sites from the backend of your distributor site.

  • “Do you have tech support?” – Yes, we have tech support, and with having offices in Europe and North America, we are able to cover tech support 24 hours a day. We also have a lot of tutorials and videos that will help you with most of the questions that come from the sites.

  • “How is this convenient?” – Creating a unique dynamic end user site for our distributors, which is tied to live inventory and has the ability to edit or change logos on the fly has never existed until we created this platform. Even traditional company stores that are created for end buyers usually required significant annual spend on products and the user experience is very limited. The new system is so convenient because we are creating a unique and easy buying experience for our distributors’ end buyers by developing a site that has their logo in production ready artwork across all of our products. The buyer will be able to click on the already prepared product and we will ship it; taking out multiple steps that the traditional supply chain contains.


  • “How’s it going to look when the product is finished?” – You will see what the product will look like as soon as you access the website and select your product. A big difference with our technology is the artwork that we are applying to the product is production ready artwork and each product has the intelligence on what the constraints and production capabilities are, making sure the logo that is viewed can actually be manufactured correctly.

  • “Are there any hidden costs?” – There are no hidden costs! In fact, our pricing methodology on the sites are to encompass the setup. Shipping and decorating charges all into one price. The ‘old way’ of setups and additional colours pet screen are very tedious and often confuse the end buyer. If the customer wants something expedited, there will be an up charge but every product will have a price based on quality and the price will include the product, setup, decoration, packing and shipping! The pricing to the end buyer already has the distributor markup built in but as a distributor, you have the flexibility to increase or decrease the margin and sales price as you see fit.
  • “Are these sites public?” – Yes, these sites are live sites but they are not currently crawling in Google – someone would have to have the exact link to find the site. We allow you to point these websites to your own domains or your end buyer’s domains and you also have the ability to make the sites private and only accessible with a password.
  • “When does payment go through? At time of shipment?” – Payment is processed to the end buyer at the time of purchase. Because everything is real time when an order is placed, the artwork is already approved and inventory is locked up for the client and the production starts.
  • “What are you going to give me that someone else doesn’t?” – Virtual images prior to production, logo-ready product, one stop shopping, harmonious efficiency, patented technology, unsurpassed quality, service and pricing, end-to-end solution – all creating maximum value for your end buyers.
  • “What types of payments do you accept?” – The website has multiple payment methods and you as the distributor are the ones that set the different options for your end buyer sites. The most preferred method is for the client to pay by credit card or put on terms. We are not collecting the money from your end buyer – you will be paying us under your normal terms.
  • “What if I want a product that isn’t offered on website?” – We have put together our best selling products from all of our brands and feel we should be able to service almost all the basic needs. However, if a client is on your distributor site or the end buyer site they have the ability to submit a form for what additional product or budget they are looking for. These requests would come directly to you and you could help find them additional merchandise.
  • “What are the MOQ’s?”  - Varies per product and decoration type. All MOQ’s are available on the website and explained on each product.
  • “What do you do to maintain the site?” – We are always improving the technology and the global sites. If there is an issue with the sites performance please contact us so we can look into it. Because every site is on the same platform if any change is made of new update is completed, they will automatically be updated to every site including yours or your end buyer’s sites.
  • “Can I get my order rushed?” – Yes, we are able to deliver the orders faster. We have a standard delivery time with shipping including but if you want it in five days, we up charge by 10% and if they want it in three days we have a 25% up charge.
  • “Do you ship internationally?” – Yes, we are able to ship internationally – we use website technology that is utilised across the world. However, if you intend to do business internationally, we will have to set that up individually.
  • “Can I get quotes for potential jobs?” – When using the site you are able to add things into your cart without buying them; this is the same feature as a quote. We do have an upgraded system that would allow you to send quotes and even handle all aspects of your business.
  • “Is there a live chat service?” – Yes, there will be a live chat service during normal business hours for our distributor. You will be responsible for handling the first line of questions and customer service with your end buyers and you will even have the ability to add live chat to your distributor sites and end user sites.
  • “What if I want to use more than one logo?” – You can store as many logos as you need in the logo locker. We do set a default logo for the end user site, but they do have the ability to change the logo on all of the products on the site at once or change the logo on a product-by-product basis.
  • “Can I customise my design?” – Yes, you can use our patented Artwork Tool technology provided on your website to edit each logo and design.
  • “How do I set up a new user website?” – We have made it really simple to help you create websites for your customers – this can be completed in just a few seconds. The easiest way to find out how is to view a quick tutorial – please contact us.
  • “Is there an approval process?” – You will see a virtual image of the product selected as you are placing your order and you will be asked to submit the artwork and that it is approved. Once the customer checks out, the order will be sent directly to the production queue so there will be no additional approval.
  • “Is there a tutorial for using the website?” – Getting the most from your new website if really important and one of our top priorities. Go to or to view additional information, help sheets and video tutorials for using your Channl website.
  • “Do you keep my logo on file?”  - One of the greatest features of this new website is that the logos you upload are stored for you in your very own secure ‘logo locker’. Through this feature, you can quickly and easily find your logo and use it to quickly create more sites. This also prevents the need for additional, expensive storage solutions.
  • “Can I make any changes to the website structure?” – To make it as easy as possible to sell online and get your share of the $22bn promotional products market, we have created a website that means you don’t have to do anything to begin benefitting from the incredible technology and opportunity. If you want to take a more hands-on approach, you could always advance to one of our top-level solutions which offer greater control. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, our knowledge has helped us create what is the easiest and more intuitive customer experience platform and we therefore think you will get the best results.
  • “How do I place a reorder?”  - One of the great benefits for your customers regarding click to ship is that when they go back to the site and login, their past orders will easily be available to view. Simply click “Reorder”, and you will receive another order. Repeat orders are around 80% easier to get than first orders and that’s why we have made it so easy to do repeat orders.
  • “Can I ship on my own shipping account?” – We have negotiated the very best pricing on your behalf to keep the ordering process for your customer simple and cost-effective. In order to help provide the best deal, we have included shipping in almost final prices. If you would like to take more control over your shipping, then you can easily upgrade to our pro service, which enables you to manage every single element of the ordering process.
  • “What happens if something goes wrong with my order?” – Our goal is to make sure your customer is always satisfied – in fact, our customers are almost always delighted with the products they receive due to the closed loop nature of the technology used. Yet in the event that you have a customer that is not entirely satisfied, please reach out to our customer support line. With information and previous orders easily and securely available online, there is no need to rekey or re-enter information. This helps to limit the possibility of errors and experience shows that issues reported by customers are virtually none.
  • “Do you have a price guarantee? Do you price match and are there any discounts?” – Research has shown the customers are prepared to pay more for a good experience – the cheapest offer is not often the most popular option. In creating and merchandising the collection of the products, our team has sourced thousands of websites and millions of products to uncover the best selection. You have the option of price guarantee and price match, helping you offer your customers the best possible resources at the best price.
  • “Are there set up fees on an initial order and/or reorders?” – Clarity and transparency are our top priorities and out website makes it really easy to see what the customer is paying. Any setup fees or additional costs are clearly displayed, along with the price of the products so the customer gets no surprises.
  • “Can I change or cancel an order?” – One of the great benefits we bring is the fastest production and shipping times in the industry to help you stay competitive. It is rare that an order is cancelled, but you can do so as long as production has not been started.
  • “Do you charge sales tax?” – There are some orders that we sell direct to non-resellers, for example employee purchases or to friends and family; in these situations, we charge sales tax.
  • “How do I make money?” – There are two ways you can receive Monday from orders on your Channl website.

    1) Your customer pays online using their debit/credit card and we handle the secure payment online for you.  Once the order is fulfilled, we pay you your margin which remains at a competitive 30-40%, we also take cate of paying the supplier so there’s no hassle for you to manage payments. 

    2) You allow ‘on-account’ orders to be placed by your customers, in this case you would invoice your customer with their normal terms and take care of receiving their payment and remitting payment back to the supplier when they invoice you.

  • “As a promotional product distributor, do I need a reseller certificate?” – Everybody we currently sell to through our supplier partners has a reseller certificate. For the 46k, we have forms on-hand and can send these to you. For new distributors signing on, they will need to complete our standard credit application before obtaining a website. If you have any more queries, please email, or contact your financial advisor.

  • “How do I get status updates on shipments?” – One of the many great features about having the click to ship solution is that it is literally “click to ship”! As soon as we have obtained your order, you will immediately receive a receipt; this will be followed by automated notifications on the status of your order and when it is shipped. This specialised, digital technology helps save you both time and money, allowing you to spend time working with your customers, rather than monitoring your orders.

  • “Tell me about your on-time guarantee?” – Giving customers the best possible service is our top priority. We have carefully chosen our supply partners on that basis and if your order is not shipped on time, the order is free.

  • “Do you require deposits on orders?” – Customers are always on the lookout for a quick and easy payment solution and we have chosen the best supply partners in the business. With this assurance, the customer paying upfront, coupled with a good credit rating, a deposit should not be required.

  • “What are your turn-around times?” – This website clearly displays the processing times for each product, allowing your customer to easily make an informed decision and know exactly when they need to make an order to ensure it arrives on time. This information is clearly displayed and ranges from three to ten days, depending on product and quantity.

  • “What mills and suppliers do you use?” – We carefully choose our partners from the top 40 leading suppliers in the United Kingdom.

  • “Are your products compliant with government regulations?” – In choosing our supply partners, a key focus is on product compliance. All our supply partners are guaranteed to be compliant with the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission and all relevant safety regulations. Additionally, they are all members of Quality Certification Alliance (QCA).

  • “Can my customer use a purchase order?” – Yes – your new website is packed full of benefits and the integrated nature of our solution means you can click a single button in order to place an order with a supply partner, saving you time, money and energy; our focus is increasing customer satisfaction and improving operational efficiency. The website has the ability to accept new orders via purchase orders, a credit card transaction or both. Currently, only 62% of orders received in the promotional products industry are received ‘factory ready’ – many orders often contain errors. One of the reasons why we can offer such great prices and turnaround times is that by using our system, you can reduce the likelihood of errors, saving further time and Monday.

  • “How do I get my customers using this new website?” – We want you to obtain as much business as possible and have therefore made it really easy to switch to using your new website, allowing you and your customers to gain the maximum possible benefits. Redirecting the URL from your existing website only takes a few minutes – request a help sheet at or go to

  • “What carriers do you use for shipping and is shipping insurance included?” – Standard shipping is included on all orders. Our supply partners use major carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, and expedited shipping is available. All orders are tracked, traced and signed-for upon delivery for peace-of-mind.

  • “Do I have a long-term commitment to having a website?” – We are sure you are going to see many benefits to your new, free website, helping you grow your business fast and over many years to come. However, you can move your new website offline at any time – please email and they will be happy to assist.

  • “Are there limits on what can be printed on my products, on behalf of my customer?” – We follow best practice guidelines on what we will print on behalf of your customer. If you are printing a registered trademark, we expect that you or your customer have the correct authority to reproduce the logos or imagery, and by placing an order with us, they are confirming that. We will not print nudity, profanity, vulgarity or racist slogans and reserve the rights to refuse orders that we consider inappropriate.

  • “What is the margin set on products?” – Your margin will be the same as it has always been. The pricing to the end buyer already has the distributor industry standard markup built in at the typical margin and we’ve included setups – so there’s no unexpected charges in the cart for your buyer.

  • “What is our decorating method?” – In order to feature the best possible selection of products, we have carefully chosen supply partners that offer the largest range of print methods. This typically includes screen-printing, pad printing, laser engraving, embroidery, embossing and debossing. The print method is always clearly displayed next to the item in order to help your customer choose the perfect result.

  • “How many customer view sites can we have?” – Send us your end-buyer logos and we’ll create a personalizes shopping experience for each customer. Every website will have your customer’s print-ready logo shown on every product – so they can access the store and start ordering as soon as you share it with them! Alternatively, you can then create as many free customer websites as you need by using our simple website creator.

  • “How does the payment process work?” – You plug in your PayPal account details within the management area of your site. Then when a customer places an order you receive the order confirmation email and money deposited directly into your PayPal account. Once the goods are shipped, the supplier then invoices you with your normal times.

  • “How many sites can we have?” – You can have as many sites as you require – all completely free of charge.

  • “Can I close my store?” – Yes, at any time. You aren’t locked into a contract.

  • “What can I change on my website?” – You can change your logo, contact information, PalPay account details, about us page and login details. The other content is curated, maintained and updated for your convenience, meaning you can share your websites with your customers without needing to spend any time maintaining it, freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks!

  • “Who takes the initial payment?” – The initial payment is taken by you, whether it’s via Paypal on the website or you choose to offer your customers the ability to place orders ‘on account’ – you will always take the payment from the end customer.

  • “Can I change the pricing?” – The pricing is fixed to provide you the best margin.

  • “How often are the products updated and added on the website?” – We are constantly reviewing, adding, deleting and updating products. We also feature specials and seasonal items to appeal to your end buyers at certain times of the year.

  • “How many people can log into the admin area of my website?” – As many employees as you need can login to the management area of your sites.

  • “How do I get started?” – Contact us today and we’ll get you setup with your free site.