How to Edit Colours, Techniques and Imprint Areas


As part of adding a product to Technologo, you’ll want to define imprint areas so customers can load their artwork onto the product image. This help sheet aims to guide you through the process of setting up these areas, as well as how to customise the available colours and print techniques.



To begin, you’ll want to access your product list in Technologo. Once there, you’ll notice a number of options alongside each product, one of which is labelled ‘Edit Colours/Tech/Imprints’. Click the ‘edit’ button for this option against the respective product.



When the image editor appears, click the blue ‘Add Imprint Area’ icon to add this to your product. This will initially appear in the centre of the image but can be dragged and resized as needed. It is not required, but advised to maintain a square/rectangular shape when adding these, as this will suit the majority of artwork uploaded.



Once you’ve added an imprint areas, you will find a number of options to the right of the product image which allow you to further customise the area:

Currently Selected: Drop-down menu allowing you to select a certain imprint area to edit. It is possible to add any number of imprint areas required. (Note: Whichever area is selected will be outlined in red rather than green)

Imprint Technique: It is possible to set a different imprint technique for each area. To do this just select the desired area from the drop-down explained above, then click the imprint technique drop-down to select from the options.

Imprint Name: You can rename any of the added imprint areas to make their purpose clearer

Real Width/Height: These fields allow you to set the actual dimensions of the area on the product. This is measured in inches, so you may have to use a conversion tool to get the correct measurements.

Group name: Primarily used for the flyer builder, this feature allows you to group multiple imprint areas under the same purpose. (I.e. company logo / supplier logo). The flyer builder interface is required to use this feature.

Same Position/Size for all Colours: This allows you to determine whether an imprint area will be consistent on all colours available, or whether this will differ on each colour (only relevant for maxed products)

Visible for this colour: Only relevant on maxed products, this checkbox allows you to limit certain imprint areas to certain product colours. For example, on a shirt available in black, brown and white, you are able to set certain areas to only appear under black, and so on.

Curve: This is intended primarily for cylindrical products, and allows you to inform the system that the imprint area is on a curved surface. You can use the line displayed to the left to discern the current strength of the curve defined.

Set As Default: Used to define the default imprint area on a product image. Note: This will only become available once 2 or more imprint areas exist
Delete: Used to remove an imprint area from a product

Once you’re happy, select ‘Save & Exit’ at the bottom of the page to apply your changes