How to configure your incoming and outgoing email settings

The following helpsheet explains how to add your incoming and outgoing email settings to the PromoServe Email Productivity Client (EPC)


Under 'CRM,' select 'Emails.'


Click 'Configuration' above the 'Subject' column



 The 'Demo Email Account' should show. Double the entry to modify the TEST account. If you don't see a demo account, click the blue plus button to create a new account.


You will see 'Email Configuration'. The 'Incoming' details screen will be shown first. Here you should enter the following details:-

Account Name - Enter a name for your email account here

Default Account - Check this box to set the current account to be your default email account. NOTE: There must be at least one default mail account set in order to be able to send & receive emails

Server - Enter the server name of your incoming mail server here. E.g. ''

Port - Enter the port number that your mail server uses for incoming mail. This is usually port 110 but check with your email provider to be certain

Delete Emails From Server After Downloading - Tick this box if you would like your emails to be deleted from your mail server after they have been downloaded to your EPC

Server Requires Authentication - Check this box if your incoming mail server requires authentication. Once checked, you will then be able to enter your individual email username and password details. If you are unsure then check with your email provider.

Email Work Area - Click the magnifying glass symbol to pick a folder to store your emails. If you are accessing PromoServe using a thick client, ensure you pick a storage location local to your machine as opposed to a network location

Don’t Download Attachments - Ticking this box will stop the EPC from downloading any email attachments

Don’t Download Embeds - Embedding images in emails is becoming more popular but can often put a strain on the email server and increase the size of emails, increasing the amount of time to wait to receive emails. Viruses can also be embedded in to emails. Check this box if you do not wish to download any embedded images/files.

When finished, click the 'Outgoing' tab at the top of the screen.


Now the outgoing email settings need to be entered. Once complete, click the blue floppy disk symbol to save the changes. The setup of both incoming and outgoing details is now complete.