How to Amend the Default Customer Document Path

By default, Enterprise will have the default document path for customers defined as something along the lines of ‘StorageCustomers’. It may be the case that you need to alter this directory. This help sheet will walk you through how to do this.

NOTE: Wherever you wish this directory to be on your system, you must ensure that the specified directory already has a folder named ‘Customers’ created within it, for the system to read.

STEP 1 -

Log into enterprise as normal, and once there, go to ‘System Functions’ followed by ‘System Controls’.

STEP 2 -

From within System Controls, look for the line with the System: CUSTOMER and Control: DOCPATH labels. This is the entry we need to change. Highlight this entry, and click the far-right pen icon () to edit the entry.

STEP 3 -

This will open the ‘Change Control’ dialogue box. Change the value in ‘Default Customers Document Path’ to the directory where you wish to store your customers. (Remember, make sure the Customers folder has already been created here).

Once you’re happy with the changes, click the flag icon in the bottom right of the window.