How do I setup my email client?
This tutorial will show you how to setup your PromoServe email client.


Under 'CRM,' select 'Emails.'


Select 'Accounts' under 'Configuration' and click the '+' to add new account information.

Step 3

This screen shows you your outgoing email settings.

Account Name This will be the same as the account name defined when populating the 'Incoming(POP3)' tab.

Internal Email/Registered Email Program

Left click the 'Internal Email' program. This will set PromoServe to use its inbuilt email program.

This is usually port 25 but check with your email provider to be certain.


Enter the server name of your incoming mail server here. E.g. ''.

Delete Emails From Server After Downloading

Check this box if you would like your emails to be deleted from your mail server after they have been downloaded into the email program.

Server Requires Authentication

Check this box if your incoming mail server requires authentication. Once checked, you will then be able to enter your individual email username and password details. If you are unsure then check with your email provider.

Email Work Area

Click the magnifying glass symbol to pick a folder to store your emails.

Don't Download Attachments

Checking this box will stop the email program from downloading any email