How to Embed HTML Code into Web Pages

For displaying YouTube videos, Zoomcatalog etc.

Step 1: Click on 'Edit Layout & Contents' on the Page to which you want to add the embed code.


Adding Embed Code to your Customer Focus Website

Step 2: Add a Text/HTML Module.

Adding HTML Embed Code to Customer Focus

Step 3: Click on the pencil icon to edit your Text/HTML module.

Then switch to the Source view - it's the button at the top left.

Adding product embed code 3

Step 4: Now you can paste the embed code.

It will look something like the below. Toggle back to the editor view by clicking on 'Source' again and you'll see a preview.

Adding embed code to websites

Step 5: Save the module, and click on 'Publish' at the top right to make your changes live.

This can be used for any embed code, which you'll find on YouTube, Vimeo, Zoomcatalog and many other media providers.