Extra Categories

Extra Categories allows you to put your products in to one or multiple different categories, without the need of duplicating products.

Products sit in their normal category. This is setup in the normal way, either in PromoServe/Transaction, or directly on the website.

This method replaces the existing ‘Virtual Categories’ method.

NOTE: You MUST be using either the ‘FreeStyle’ or ‘FreeStyle Stripped’ template

To put a product in to ‘extra’ categories, please follow these steps:

1)Log in to the website where your products are held. If you are using ‘subsites’ then you will need to log in to your ‘master’ website.

2)From the menu, select Products > Products

3)Browse or search for the product that you want to put in to ‘extra’ categories and click ‘EDIT’ next to it. You will be taken to the ‘Product Editor’ screen.

4)Look down the screen and you will see the ‘Extra Categories’ section...

5)Locate the ‘extra’ category that you want to put the product in to. Simply drag the category from the list on the left hand side and drop it in to the ORANGE box. You can drag and drop as many categories as you like.

NOTE: If you cannot find your category in the list, please ensure you have added it to Products > Categories

6)To delete/remove from an extra category, simply drag the category from the ORANGE box to the RED box.

7)When you are happy, click the ‘Save Changes’ button at the top/bottom of the ‘Product Editor’ screen.