FedEx Shipping Rates


  • Navigate to Integration menu > FedEx Shipping
  • enter your FedEx Authentication Key
  • enter your FedEx Security Code
  • enter your FedEx Account No.
  • enter your FedEx Meter No. - Your FedEx meter number, which you will receive when you sign up for a developer account at
  • enter your FedEx Shipping Product Code
  • enter your Default Shipping Tax Code
  • select Ship From - When requesting automatic shipping quotes from a 3rd party such as FedEx, the system can use either your address or the product supplier's address as the 'ship from' address. If no supplier is linked to a particular product, or a supplier is linked but no address is available, your address will be used.
  • set how Product Dimensions are defined - this chooses what the weight, length, width and height mean in your product database.
  • select FedEx Packaging Type - If you use FedEx packaging, this specifies which type you use. Choose 'Your own' if you aren't sure.
  • select FedEx Carrier - Which FedEx carrier do you wish to request shipping quotes from?
  • select FedEx Dropoff Type - This specifies how FedEx pick up the package(s) from you. Choose 'Regular Pickup' if you aren't sure which one to choose.
  • select FedEx Variable Handling Charge - This allows you to add a fixed amount or a percentage to the shipping rates paid by customers. Please refer to FedEx documentation for more information about this.
  • enter your FedEx Variable Handling Amount
  • enter your Shipping Lead Time - This is the average time from order to shipping, used to restrict the customer's choice of delivery dates and used when requesting shipping quotes. The system will take today's date, add this amount of time, and skip forward to the next week day (Mon-Fri), to find the estimated shipping date. This is not used to make a promise to the customer, it is used only as a guide.
  • select the Shipping Weight Calculation - Normally we calculate the weight based on full boxes, even if one box is not full. Choose 'Single box is proportional weight' if you want single-box shipments (eg. quantity less than pack size) to be weighed using the actual weight of the products instead of the weight of a full box.
  • enter a Shipping Quote Weight Limit - If your automated shipping quote supplier has a weight limit for quotes, enter it here.
  • enter a Shipping Quote Piece Limit - If your automated shipping quote supplier has a piece count limit for quotes, enter it here.


Product Data

Shipping quotes cannot be requested unless every product has the following data:

  • Pack Type must be set in Promoserve using the format NN/XX where NN is the quantity per pack, and XX is the optional pack type (eg. Carton) - examples of valid Pack Type settings are: 24/Carton, 12, 15/box
  • Length, Width and Height must be set
  • Weight must be set to the weight of a full pack
  • Preferred Supplier should be set where possible




  • go to the 'Your Site' site -
  • log in as an admin user
  • add some items to your basket
  • go to your shopping basket
  • enter a shipping address at the bottom
  • you should now see FedEx rates
  • go to the site admin area
  • go to the Intgration / FedEx Shipping screen
  • try setting a percentage markup in the FedEx Shipping Price Adjustment field, and check that the rates change (you will need to change something in your basket to re-request rates because it remembers them)
  • back in the admin area, go to Codes / Phrases and you will find the FedEx service names under 'shipping_FedEx_' on the menu