Using CRM Job Management Center to Manage Complaints and Enquiries

The CRM Job Management Center incorporates a unique management control function that enables you to set up that certain types of calls must go though a follow up procedure.

This follow up procedures helps you ensure that any enquiry of complaint is handled professionally and your customers and prospects feel wanted

All calls can be handled by your usual customer service team but each individual or the team leader can check the CRM Follow Up button and decide what is the appropriate follow up

Follow Up Routine: Phase One

1.You will first see the details of the call to allow you to review them
2.Then you must decide if a further follow up is justified
3.If no, you will need to document your reasons and then the routine is ended
4.If yes, you need to document and then click next

Follow Up Routine: Phase Two

1.The system will then request that you either Raise a Credit Request and/or request a sales follow up
2.The screen will then take you though either the credit details to be passed to your accounts team or
3.Give you the ability to transfer a request into the scheduler of the nominated account handler if a sales call has been requested

Remember, the main reason customers change suppliers is Perceived Indifference.
Therefore handling your complaints and enquiries correctly is critical to your business performance