Adding Google Analytics to your Customer Focus Website

Step 1: You will need a Google account to set up Google Analytics

Sign up for a free Google account at

Step 2: Visit and click on 'create an account'

Create a Google Analytics Account


Step 3: Sign in using your Google account details and you'll see the following screen:

Setting up Google Analytics

Step 4: Click on Sign up.

Step 5: Complete your details following the Google wizard.

At the moment, Google is offering you the choice between Universal Analytics (beta) and Classic Analytics. From your STORE's perspective, it doesn't matter which you choose, so pick which ever best meets your needs.

Under 'Setting up your account', make sure you fill in Account Name, Website Name (these are quite frequently the same if you don't have several websites), and the website URL.

Adding your website address to Google Analytics

Click on 'Get Tracking ID" at the bottom of the page, and read, then agree, to Google's Terms and Conditions.

Step 6: Copy your tracking ID

The next page should show you some tracking code. You don't need this. All you need is the tracking ID at the top of the page, which will look something like: UA-12345678-1.

Step 7: Paste the tracking ID into your STORE website

You do this under Settings > Third Party Settings > Google Analytics.

Adding Google Analytics Tracking ID to STORE

It will take about 24 hours for your Google Analytics account to start showing visitor activity.

You should check back regularly to measure visitor activity on your website, including information on bounce rates (i.e. they leave your website immediately), time spent on the site, and pages they visit.