How To Upgrade DataXchane to the latest version

Download the Server and client installs from

1. Stop the DataXchange service.

Locate the Data Exchange service

Right click on this and choose 'Stop' to stop the service.

2. Uninstall the current DataExchange Server and Client installs:

Go to Add/Remove Prgrams

Locate the Server and client installations and choose to uninstall the client install first and then the same for the server install:

You may receive a message stating that a reboot is needed. As we have already stopped the service this will not be required.

Once both are uninstalled you can now install the new versions downloaded earlier.

Install the Server Software

1. Click next

2. Leave the default location as is and click next

3. Click Install

Once the server has finished installing you can now install the client software by running the client download from ealier.

Install the client software

1. Click Next

2. Keep default location and click next

3. Click Install

Once the client is installed you can run the DataExchange client. All your previous jobs will still be there and enabled and DataXchange is now upgraded and running.