Quotations Made Easy

The following will describe how to create a quote in 10 simple steps...


Click the Insert Button to add a new quotation

Choose Quotation or Enquiry
New or Copy Previous Quotation
Choose a Customer or Prospect
Add a New Customer or Prospect if not in the database


Add Products to the Quotation
This screen pops up automatically once you have selected a customer / prospect

Type in a product code if known or
Click Search to search the product database
Once product selected you can change prices and add further details
You can also check other product and supplier details from here
Create a virtual sample or request a sample from a supplier
Create a Bespoke Enquiry to Suppliers


Basic Product Search
If you are not sure of the product code you can search using the screen opposite. You can search by

Supplier Code
Wild Card Searches on part words as well

You can also filter by

Main Product Only (exclude color & size options)
Price List Items (your main catalogue)


Advanced Product Search
If you do not know the product code and need a more comprehensive product search then you can click the Easy Sourcing Option. This enables you to

Filter search by main category & sub category
Choose a price range
Choose colour requirements
Even lead times


Create Personalization Options Once you have chosen a product the screen opposite will appear showing you the branding options available for the product to help you create a quotation

Available Print Methods
Option to select correct origination charge
Option to select print colors required if have already seen customer logo


Your Basic Quotation is Now Ready
You can now

Change prices & quantities
Change product descriptions
Add extra print positions
Add any other related costs
Add additional associated products
Review Margins
Add default terms and other text as required

At this stage you can remove or change any of the 5 quantity price options so your quote best reflects the customer requirements


Add More Additional Costs Required?
Non Standard but related additional costs can be added to the quotation for

Extra Print Positions
Delivery Charges
Express Production Charges
Minimum Order Surcharges
Packaging Costs
Sample / Proof Costs


Your Quotation is Now Created
You can select customer contact name, add Sales Data & Add Delivery Requirements

Campaign Codes
Marketing Source
Estimated Close Date
Order Probability
Quote Status & Position
Add Standard Text or Adhoc Text
Upload Artwork


Your Quotation is Ready to Print
You have options to Print, Fax or E-Mail

You can choose your Print Output Format

With or Without Company Header
Picture Quotations
Total Price Only or Itemised
Roll Additional Costs into the price such as print costs
Samples Quotations
Order Forms
Labels or Envelopes


Produce your Quotation
More than 20 standard options or you can have your own bespoke quotation format created for you

Detailed opposite are two example quote formats that can be produced by the system

These quote format can be customised in system functions and can include

Product Long & Short Description
Product Image
Available Colours
Print Area Details
What the Price Includes
Lead Time
Your Signature
Trading Terms & Conditions

Once a quotation has been created and printed / faxed or e-mailed you can either manually or automatically add a follow up entry in your diary