How to revise a quote

The following will show you how to revise a quote. You can do as many different revisions of the same quote as you like


Under 'Quotes & Opportunities,' select 'Quotations & Samples.'

Double click the quote you want to revise
Press the 'Revise' button in the bottom left hand corner
Press 'Yes' when it asks you if you are sure


Making your changes

You will notice that you now have a '1' in the revision box in the top right hand corner

Now you can delete products, add new products, or change existing entries, using the plus, change, delete buttons
Once you have finished making your changes, press the checkmark at the bottom right hand corner to save the record.



You will now see a '1' in the 'Revision' column. This will increase every time you revise the quote again in the future


Printing the new quote

You can now send this new quote to your client

Highlight the quote and press the print button in the bottom left hand corner. This functions as usual; however, a 'Printing Revision' box is now displayed in the top right hand corner. This will always display the latest revision, but you can change this number using the up & down arrows if you want to print an earlier revision