How to Perform a Licence Pool Reset from the Server

This help sheet will walk you through how to reset the licence pool on the server so your users can get back into Enterprise.



First you need to close off any open .TPS files on the server, so that the licences can be reset. To do this, we need to open Computer Management. You can do this various ways, the easiest of which is right-clicking on ‘My Computer’ (Windows 7 or earlier) or ‘This PC’ (Windows 8 or later) and clicking ‘Manage’



When Computer Management opens, use the navigation pane on the left hand site to navigate to ‘System Tools’ > ‘Shared Folders’ > ‘Open Files’



On the ‘Open Files’ screen, look for any files ending in .TPS. Any you find need to be closed by highlighting them and clicking ‘Close Open File’.



Once this is done, open Enterprise and log in as normal. At the main menu, click ‘File’ in the top left, and then ‘Licence Pool Reset’



If the reset was successful, you will see a popup stating ‘all licences returned to licence pool’. You have now been returned to your full allocation of licences.

If the reset was unsuccessful, it is most likely there are still Enterprise files open. Return to ‘Open Files’ in computer management and ensure all files with the TPS extension have been closed, then try again.