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Types of link

There are two different methods of adding link. The first is through the 'Body Text Editor,' by highlighting some text or image and clicking the 'Insert/Edit Link' button: Image

The other option is to use the Site Content > Links menu option. The following steps will detail how this is done.

Creating a link

Go to Site Content > Links

Click the 'add new' link to open the Link Editor screen...


Title: Is the name of the link - this is often what the user will see to click
Image: (optional) Used for e.g. Best Seller links
Web Address: The URL of the link
Category: The type of link - see screenshot below for example type of links e.g. top links will put a link in the top right hand corner (this depends on the template you are using)
Sort Order: The order in which the link appears - usually from left to right
Special Link: Only applicable if linking to third party sites/technology