Customer Focus - Release Notes October 2015

Responsive template for promotional products1. New Mobile Responsive Website Theme

Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular way to get online for buyers aged 25-34,* so to maximize sales opportunities, your website needs to look great on a mobile device.

Our new 'Liquid' theme has been designed to look beautiful on a laptop, but just as attractive on a tablet or mobile.

It features colorful photography on the home page, with a customizable 'hero' banner, and popular product categories so it's easy for customers to locate their perfect item.

As with all Customer Focus themes, it's very easy to make this site your own. There's generous spacing for your logo and promotional messages, and you can edit the color scheme and content to suit your brand.


Liquid Product Detail ViewPast the home page, we've gone for a cleaner look and feel for product list view, with plenty of spacing and easy search filters. 

The product detail page has one purpose: to encourage the visitor to buy the item! The dynamic shopping cart updates automatically based on their selections, and includes setup charges so there are no surprises at check out.

If the supplier has enabled the product with Technologo Custom, your customers will even see a 360 view of the item (complete with Virtual Samples, if you have this functionality enabled)!

You'll find the Liquid theme at the top left of your theme choices when creating a new website. If you'd like to change your current Customer Focus website to the Liquid theme, please contact our support team.



2. Streamlined Website Setup

When you're setting up a new Customer Focus website, you can choose whether it's eCommerce or Inquiry. This selection automatically sets your website up with the shopping cart enabled, if you check eCommerce.

Additionally, you can now choose which product catalog(s) you'd like to feature on your website. If you're creating a company store (corporate scheme site), you can choose just to show 'My Products' and/or 'My Altered Products', removing all other supplier items and categories from the site.

Catalog Selection

Only categories with products within them will display on the site.


Enhanced Credit Card Processing

3. Enhanced Credit Card Handling

Some customers reported seeing an Security Warning pop up when completing their transaction. Our engineers have ensured that this doesn't happen, and all customers will be directed to an order confirmation page once they've made payment.

This release also includes declined credit card handling. Previously a declined credit card transaction returned from PayPal or was not recognized; the website treated this as a legitimate order. This has now be rectified on all platforms.


4. 'Add Product' has been relabelled to 'Create Product'

The button which allows you to create a new product (while in a presentation, quote or order) has been relabelled to make it more obvious what it does.


Online Designer5. Enhanced Integration with HTML5 Online Designer

Customer Focus websites integrate with Artworktool, an HTML5 Online Designer which allows your customers to design, approve and purchase a personalized product such as a promotional item, t-shirt, gift, business card or sign.

We've combined Artworktool's intuitive and flexible online designer with Technologo's Virtual Sample solution, so that customers can now not only create a detailed design for any item they choose, they can preview what the design would look like on the item before checking out!

All of their designs are saved on your Customer Focus website for easy retrieval, and you as the website owner get print-ready versions of their artwork, so you can get the order straight into production.

We'll be reporting more on this hugely exciting development very soon!