Overprint Management Helpsheet


This screen is a sub menu that allows you access to all the key routines associated with the overprint & works management process. Any of these routines can be moved to the main menu if faster access is required, or deleted if not required in your business. More details on each routine are documented on the following pages. This menu is usually only required by promotional merchandise suppliers who do their own overprinting. Overprint Orders: manage overprint orders created from sales orders Production Planner: plan and schedule overprint orders Stock Requirement: tells you what stock you need to order to fulfil your orders Product Report / Export: create your own reports on products and stock movements

Overprint Management


Key Functionality

Create one overprint job per sales order line or system groups jobs where multiple colors or sizes have the same overprint instructions. Each overprint order will display the products, any general works instructions, promotional message, printing instructions, packaging information, usual printing specification, usual machine used and artwork file location.  Stock is not down dated but is allocated and can also be reserved for this order. You have the ability to either produce an Overprint Instruction sheet for the shop floor or add order to production planner to be managed electronically. When complete, you have the option to move finished stock into a new location/bin called 'Awaiting Despatch', and link stock to sales order. You can use the confirm despatch button to ship the goods and print the appropriate paperwork. You can either create a new job bag from this screen to manage artwork/proof sign off, or add overprint jobs to an existing job bag. Artwork details uploaded to the order can be viewed and accessed on an additional tab called artwork.

Technical Specifications


Create Overprint Order

Overprint orders are created from sales order detail lines by clicking 'Overprint'


Add the name of the person managing the overprint. You then will then be able to view all details about that overprint. Next, select which machine you want to run the job on (will select default machine for job) Review or Upload Artwork details. Add notes relating to that job. Review other job bag details.


If you have access, review the list of jobs requiring overprinting. Print out an overprint sheet and/or add to planner. Stock is already allocated, but can be reserved. Job details can be changed at this stage if required. You can search for orders by tab or query.


Once a job has been finished, click 'Complete'. You then have the option to transfer the job to a warehouse location for shipping. Jobs can be shipped with the confirm despatch screen.


Below is an example overprint sheet. You can either use this sheet or allocate jobs electronically using the production planner. Access jobs on the screen without the need for a printed record. All details required to produce the job are featured on this sheet, including artwork details & location of files. Each line on a sales order can have a separate overprint sheet.


Production Planner


Key Functionality

Overprint jobs can be added to the planner screen in one click. Each machine has its own journal. Jobs can be accessed and managed direct from the journal. Planner can be set up to view only the machines you want to see. Jobs are auto allocated to the usual machine and put in the next available time slot. Jobs can be moved once allocated using the reschedule option. Jobs can also be moved to another machine. You can use the onscreen to exclude certain categories of job. Once complete, a job can be removed from the planner. Planner can be used to view future days, weeks , months or years. You can then view at a glance how much spare capacity you have.

Product Report / Export

Create or save your own reports / exports or use standards already created. You can choose the fields you want to display and what order they appear in. Select a sequence of order reports. Choose what product types you want to feature in the report. Go down to detailed individual stock transaction level if required. Auto total and add lines to printed reportss. Filter & subtotal by category or location.

Stock Requirement


Click this option to review what stock you need to order to complete your overprint orders. Then print off or review on screen your requirements. Next, use the '-' key to remove any products you feel you can substitute, or the change key to alter the supplier you want to purchase from. Finally hit the order required button to create a purchase order for stock needed. This will have auto generated a purchase order