Using Scheduler


Inputting a Customer/Prospect into Scheduler.

Before you can use scheduler you must have loaded customers or prospects into scheduler. This can be done individually from the customer/ prospect database or via mass update through campaign planner.

When you log into scheduler it should load with your personal scheduler (as long as you have logged in as your name)
Your schedule will be on the left in chronological order and a record card of the appropriate contact will appear on the right. Highlight the entry you want to work on; it should be first in the list. The cursor will be flashing in the action box to prompt you to record in your contact.

Next add a document, if required, by using the ellipse button to select the appropriate document from your windows directory (Office, PDF or HTML only)

Finally you must select the next action or the entry will remain at the top of your schedule. You can either suspend contact or select the next proposed contact date. YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE OF THESE.

Please Note the reschedule button is solely for moving contacts that you have not spoken to and should only be used when contact has not been made

Don't forget to use your tabs

Contact Details- for updating your names, etc., you can use this as a prompt
Always update Products of Interest.
Notes are an invaluable tool

Once you have finished updating your record, save your changes by clicking on the next contact in your list. The previous entry will then either move to your next contact date or be removed from your scheduler.


Adding Personal Entries

To add a personal note or reminder, click 'Add Schedule Entry'  at the bottom of the schedule. You can then alter the date, time, and add the details you want to note.

NB You have several tabs and you can cut and paste from other applications


Running Reports from Scheduler

The system can produce hundreds of different reports the following can be run directly from scheduler:

Record Card: this is printed when you highlight the appropriate company in your schedule list and click on the ‘print record’ button at the bottom of your schedule

Activity Schedule Report: this is printed when you click the ‘Print/Fax Schedule Button’ you can then select the period you want a report for

Daily Task Sheet: as above but simply select only the date you want a call list for.

Monthly Call Analysis: click on the reporting button at the bottom of your scheduler and select the required month

Additional Information and Reports

Scheduler is designed as a one screen working platform so there is a lot of additional information that you can view from the scheduler screen

Documents will show you any document that has ever been associated with that record

The tabs at the top of your scheduler also provide additional information

By Date gives you all the activity with your organisation for whatever date you select.