Pages contain any content that is not standard for a website. For example a 'Contact Us' page could be created to hold any company contact information.

NOTE: Depending on the template you are using, pages are not automatically displayed. Please read this help page to find out how to create a link to a page you have created.

Create the page


  • Site Content > Pages
  • Click the 'add new' link
  • Enter a page file name or select one from the list of defaults. Example of page names:

- contact
- contactus.html
- contact_us
- contact_us.html

IMPORTANT: Remember the page filename - you use this to create your link later

  • Enter a 'Title' for the page - this will be the header text
  • Add your page content in the 'Body Text Editor'


You can use either the 'Body Text Editor' to add a link, or Site Content > Links

Click Here to find out how to add links

NOTE: The URL of the link is always your full website URL, plus the page filename e.g.