Product Entry Portal points score system

At Customer Focus, the quality of your product data is vital. We encourage suppliers to include as much information as possible on their listings to maximise their visibility and potential.

Every product that is entered on to the Customer Focus Product Entry Portal is allocated a points score based on what information has been entered. The more in depth your information, the higher the score. A higher score means your products will appear higher in search results, and as a consequence have a better chance of being seen by distributors.

There is guidance on how to enter product information in the help sheets located at the following address:

Following this, you should be able to complete the upload process to a good standard.

To make the most of your listings though, we suggest you take time to focus on what information gives you point allocations.

You can see the current product score, and what is available on the Score tab located on any product entry.

We shall run through how you can maximise your score by going through each item in turn.


3d sample (1)

If a supplier wishes to get this point, you would need to contact our Technologo office in Sheffield, UK. For a fee, they will be able to showcase your products as a 3d image to display on distributor websites.

Further information can be found here:


origination (7)

The bulk of the points can be earned from this and the following section on additional costs.

To achieve the 7 points available here, you need to enter any origination prices in to the additional costs section. If you have no origination costs, you can enter these as 0 values to earn the points.

Pay attention to the origination cost you enter. This should be linked to the print types you have available for your product.

For example. If you have an origination of £15.00 per colour on your product that is available screen printed, you would select 'Screen Print Origination per Colour' from the dropdown box.


additional costs (5)

To gain an extra 5 points, you must enter any other additional costs using the same method as previous. Please note, that origination and any other additional costs are treated separately, and earn separate point scores.

These could include delivery or extra colour charges. In the same manner as originations, printing prices should be linked to your print type.

For example. If your products main price is set to plain stock, you may want to add an additional cost for a 1 colour screen print. In this case, you would select 'Screen Print 1 Color' from the dropdown box.

image- regular res (1)

image- large res (1)

image- high res (1)

Images are mandatory for products on the Product Entry Portal, but you can improve your score by uploading a high resolution image. A high-res image can gain you the combined 3 points. Whereas if you upload one low-res image, you may only get one point. A high resolution image is one over 500 x 500 pixels, and a maximum of 2000 x 2000 pixels.


lead time (1)

To gain this point, simply enter the lead time of your product on the main tab screen.


commodity code (1)

These are entered on the Extras tab. Commodity codes are what determines import taxation classification. They denote what sector a product belongs to.



A search tool is available here:


prod dimensions (2)

Enter the dimensions of your product in millimetres in the product dimensions section located on the 'Extra' tab.


carton qty (1)

Again, located on the 'Extra' tab, enter the carton quantity for your product.

catalogues (11)

To gain catalogue points, your product must have been listed in any previous catalogue. Like Spectrum 12/13/14 etc. The more catalogues it has been in, the more these points will accumulate over time. 

You should aim to achieve a score of at least 17. Beyond 20 is considered a high score.