General Ledger and Accounts

Setting up your GL codes and applying these details in the system will make your accountants life easier. You will need to provide us with your nominal structure as a CSV file.

An example import file can be found here

If you are going to be using the full accounts functionality, then between us we will need to create the starting balances in the system. This will generally mean you providing trial balances, age debtors and creditors reports.

In the system we will need to know your default Nominals for:

Debtors Control Account
Creditors Control account
VAT Control Account
Purchasing Nominal
Sales Nominal
Suspense Account
Purchasing Discount Nominal
Purchase Debt Write Off nominal
Profit And Loss Nominal
VAT Liability Nominal
Corporation Tax Nominal
Sales Discount Nominal
Sales Debt Write Off nominal
Bank Account for BACS Sales
Bank Account for Account Sales
Bank Account for Cash Sales
Bank Account for Cheque Sales
Bank Account for Sales by Credit Card
Bank Account for Purchase by Credit Card
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