Data Imports

If you aren’t a new company you will want to consider what data you wish to bring over to your new system. As part of the implementation we will offer to import existing data such as Customers, Prospects, Suppliers and Products. You will be responsible for exporting the data and providing it in the correct format. Example files can be found below.

This is generally a good time to clean up the data and start with a new system correctly as you mean to go on. If you put bad data in, you will get bad data out.

Importing existing orders may be possible as a read only copy but this will be an additional cost to your implementation. You will need to discuss this with your Account Manager.

Example Files:


NOTE: CSV files treat commas (,) and double-inverted commas (") as field seperators, meaning anything following one of these symbols is treated as a seperate data entry and can skew the data contained in these fields. With this in mind, you should ensure all cells are devoid of these symbols before beginning the import.