Procedure for Raising Works Orders

The ability to raise Works Orders relates to the actual Product setup within the Product Database. A Works Order in effect displays the associated products and their instructions which when combined (manufacturing process) create a finished product.

Example Manufactured Product Setup

1.Create a Product 'MAN01, Finished Manufactured Product'.

2.Select 'Manufactured' for Product Type

3.As with any other Product fill in all the associated relevant details.

4.Create 2 separate Products COMP01 & COMP02, Component Products.

5.Select 'Raw Material' for both Product Types.

6.Fill out relevant details (For these components a selling price can be defined but the price which appears on the Quotes/Sales Orders for that Product will pull directly from the Manufactured Product.

7.Go back into the 'MAN01, Finished Manufactured Product' and select the 'Bill of Materials' grey tab.

8.Click on 'Insert'

9.Use the Product selection icon and select 'COMP01 Component Product 1', specify the number of components (Quantity) that will be used to make the Finished Manufactured Product.

10.Click 'OK'

11.Follow the same procedure and insert 'COMP02 Component Product 2'. Both Components and their required quantities will then be displayed, which when combined together will create the Finished Manufactured Product.

12.Within the Prices tab you can add related additional costs to the 'MAN01, Finished Manufactured Product' examples may include production costs or labour costs etc.

Raising a Works Order

1.A Works Order can be raised within 'Works Order Management' or directly from the 'Sales Order' screen.

2.The following explained the procedure from within a Sales Order. Select the 'MAN01, Manufactured Finished Product'.

3.Click on the 'Raise W.O.' button.

4.A Bill of Materials breakdown will then be displayed displaying the Component Products associated with the Finished Manufactured Product, click 'Continue'.

5.An Event Logging display will then appear. Left click on the check boxes, use the magnifying glass to select your operative name and confirm your password, click 'Ok'.

6.You can complete the Works Order from within the Sales Order itself by clicking on 'View W.O.' click on 'Complete', click on 'OK'.

7.If you need to amend the related Component quantities that will make up the finished product, do not complete the Works Order from within the Sales Order. From the Main Menu select 'Manufacturing' followed by 'Works Order Management'.

8.Highlight the Works Order and click on 'Change'. Left click on the check boxes 'Items' and 'Manufacturing Instructions'. This will display the associated Component Products and any entered Instructions.

9.To increase or decrease the required Component quantities highlight the Component and click on 'Change', amend the Quantity and click on 'Ok'.

10.To complete the amended Works Order click 'Complete', check the details and then click 'Ok'.