Product Classifications

Product classifications are used for extra details relating to the product, i.e. colors, sizes, specification etc.
These classifications can be seen by going into the detail of a product. Click 'Change' or double click on the product in the stock database:Image

The text headers for these classifications can be changed to read anything you like in System Functions > System Setup > Language (tab) > Other

In the above example:

Price Includes = Classification 1
Sub Category = Classification 2
Sub Category = Classification 3
Inspection Level = Classification 4

Please contact Industry Software Support if you require assistance with language changes.

Populating Classification drop down boxes

To populate the contents of the classification drop down boxes, Codes & Phrases must be used


From the main menu, select System Customize > Codes & Phrases:

The following Codes & Phrases are used for product classifications:

(P1) - Product Classification 1
(P2) - Product Classification 2
(P3) - Product Classification 3
(P4) - Product Classification 4

The following setup will populate the Classification 1 drop down box ('Price Includes' from the example above):


N.B The category for the entry must match that of the product

Classifications & Quick Order Portal

Product Classifications can also be used in conjunction with the Quick Order Portal web system and if set up, are uploaded automatically via the Integration Control Panel.

Using classifications in Quick Order Portal

In order to fully use classifications on your Quick Order Portal site, they must first be activated. This is done in the search setup editor: Site Admin > Site Admin > Search Setup


Entering the name of the classification field in your product database will allow classifications to be used for advanced searching:

Entering the name in 'Search Setup' makes classifications visible in the 'Product Editor' screen 'Site Admin > Products > Products >Edit' a product:Image