Site Maps & Product Listing

A to Z Listings
You have the ability to automatically create Alpha Product Lists of all the categories featured on your website - this saves a lot of time creating manual links and has the benefit of being auto updated when you add / delete categories

This is a list of all categories and sub categories in alphabetical order and can be featured on every page in the site if required

The links are very good for SEO and are created automatically by the template when you click the box in site admin which switches on the list

You can choose in how many columns the links appear and they are available as an option in freestyle so you can format as required

Each link will go to direct to the sub category listed and the list will appear on all pages.

For Example:


How to turn on A-Z listings

Login to the site admin area of your website.
Go to the 'Site Content' tab and select 'FreeStyle Settings' (NOTE: This is only visible if you are using a FreeStyle website)


Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the drop down next to 'A to Z Index Columns'.
Here you can select the number of columns that you would like your A-Z list to appear in. (this usually depends on how many categories you have on your site) The image above shows a 6 column list.
Once you have selected the number, click save changes on the page and this will become live on all pages of your QOP.
NOTE: You may need to alter the CSS that controls how the A-Z is displayed if you want to change colors/positioning.


Site Maps
Quick Order auto generates an XML Site Map for every site which is available at link)

The standard XML site map is auto created from the product categories and main static pages

This is also available as a custom XML creation option on the SEO screen located in the 'Integration' tab of site admin.