How to Raise a Pro Forma Invoice in the Order Processing System


In Customer Focus Order Processing, it is possible to raise pro forma invoices by configuring the customer record. The following help sheet outlines how to complete this process successfully



From the left hand navigatin menu, head to Contacts > Customers



Locate the customer you wish to change and click on their record. Once on their page, head to the payment information tab.

You will note the radio buttons towards the right-hand side. Select the one labelled ‘Pro-Forma’. Hit ‘save’ once you have made the change.




Now head into the order you wish to raise as a pro-forma invoice. Once in the order editor, navigate over to the design tab

Once there, ensure that the checkbox ‘Print as Pro-forma invoice’ is ticked. You will notice the title of the document change if you have selected the correct option.

Note: This option is only available if you have selected ‘pro-forma’ on the customer record