How to import Prospect Information into Enterprise


The following help sheet explains how to import Prospect Information into PromoServe. This can be used when importing new Prospects into the system or updating existing Prospect information.

Click HERE to download an example Prospect Import Template. This template contains all the common data fields used when importing Prospect information into PromoServe and can be used as an example when creating your own Prospect Import spreadsheet. The template contains a brief description of each field as well as an example Prospect including two Contacts.



From the main menu, select ‘system Functions’ followed by ‘Data Import’.



The Important Information screen will now be displayed.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that:-.

1 - You are the only user logged into PromoServe - To do this, look at the top of the PromoServe main menu and check 'user number 1' is displayed.

2 - You are carrying out the Data Import from the PromoServe Server machine where the Data resides, not from a Client machine.

3 - You have taken a full backup of the PromoServe Data folder. This ensures that if anything goes wrong with the import, you will be able to restore the PromoServe Data as it was prior to the Data Import.

If you are unsure how to perform a backup of the PromoServe Data, click HERE to view the helpsheet.



From the 'Import Type' options at the top of the screen, select 'Prospect'.

A list of field names will appear on the right hand side of the screen. These are the Prospect related fields in PromoServe, which you match against the column headings in your Prospect import spreadsheet.



Click on the document select button indicated by the blue/white scroll in order to select your Prospect Import CSV file.


The windows explorer screen will be displayed and will show you the contents of the Import folder by default. Browse to the location of your import CSV file then click 'Open'.



A screen will be displayed showing the top row of information contained in the CSV file you selected to import. This is to check that the top row of information contains the headers, which are required to match the information in your CSV file to the correct fields in PromoServe. Click Yes to confirm that the top row of the CSV file contains your header information or No if you need to add these in and restart the import.



If the headers in your import CSV file match the relevant headers within PromoServe, then the system will auto-match them and you will not need to confirm that the correct header has been selected. This can be seen in the accompanying screenshot where the field 'Name' from the CSV has been auto-matched to 'Name' within the PromoServe system.

Click the blue right facing arrow on the bottom left of the screen to continue to the next column in the CSV file.



The same auto-matching process has taken place here for the field 'Address 1'. Continue to use the blue right facing arrow to match the CSV headers to the PromoServe system headers.



In this example, the 'Address 2' field has not been auto-matched because in the import CSV file, the header has been entered as 'Address2' instead of 'Address 2'. In these cases, the correct header needs to be selected from the Field Names list on the right of the screen.

Select the 'Address 2' field from the list on the right hand side then click the 'Add' button in the middle of the screen to match the header manually.

The 'Address2' field on the import CSV file will now be matched to the 'Address 2' field within the PromoServe system. The Data Import screen will then move to the next column header in the import CSV file.



Continue using the blue right facing arrow to progress through the headers, auto-matching or manually matching the fields as required.



You will now be asked whether you want the new Prospects to be defined as a Company or an Individual. Select the appropriate option to proceed to the next step.



The 'Default Settings & Anomalies' screen will now be displayed.

You can use this screen to apply some default settings to your imported data, which will be applied to all the Prospects that are being imported/updated. These include settings such as a specific Adviser, Source or Tele-Marketer against all accounts. Select any options that are required

Click the 'Verify Data' button at the bottom of the Import Screen.



This screen shows you a preview of how some of your imported data will look within PromoServe, and check that the information will appear in the correct fields.

You can scroll through several sample Prospect Records by using the blue arrow at the bottom right of the screen.

Click the red X button when you have finished previewing the information, you will be returned to the Import Screen.



Carry out a final review of the Default settings before finalising the import to ensure all required options have been selected.

If you are updating EXISTING Prospects then be sure to click the relevant 'Update' buttons at the bottom of the Import Screen.

When ready, click the Import button at the bottom right of the screen to import the Data.



A Summmary screen will be displayed once the data has been imported to inform you of how many new Prospects were added and how many entries were updated. All Imported data is also timestamped & archived to a default location, this is displayed on screen for reference.

The import process is now complete.