Searching for Projects

Step 1: Go to Projects > Overview on the dashboard


Here we have the Projects Overview, this is here to give you a quick look at the status of a project.  Initially there is a list of all of your Projects, and a few options to narrow down your search.


Step 2: You can narrow down your results by searching for specific criteria.  Click on the dropdown menu to see what there is available to search by:


You can search by any of the below by simply left-clicking on them in the menu:

Project Number

Customer Name

Quote Number

Sales Order Number

Sales Invoice Number

Purchase Order Number


Contact Name


Step 3: There are some additional filter that can be applied; Status, Sales Rep, Completed Projects and Web Orders/Enquiries.  To filter by any of these click on the “Additional Filters” button next to the search box:


Step 4: You can get a summary of a project by clicking on any of the results on the left.  This should give you enough information to tell you whether this is the project you’re looking for.  There are 3 tabs available to you, Project Details, Project Contents and Activity Log


A – Project Details

As can be seen below you get a good amount of information including: Customer, Date Created, Subject, Status, Contact details and Document values


B – Project Contents

This gives you quick access to any of the documents within the Project, just click on the Project’s number to access the document.


C – Activity Log

Here you can see a list of any activities that have been added to the Project, as well as exclude any of the completed activities to see if there are any outstanding tasks.



Step 5: Lastly there are a couple of other buttons available on the Projects Overview.  These are the Quick Actions, they can be found at the top right of the Project.  In the dropdown menu you can either Complete or Delete the Project, or click “View/Edit Project” to view the documents inside.