How to refund a customer

The following will assist in processing a customer refund.

There are two ways to perform a refund:

1) Refund an 'On Account' amount

2) Refund an amount against a credit note

STEP 1 - Refund an amount on account

Under 'Invoices & Payables,' select 'Accounts Receivable.'


STEP 2 - Refund an amount on account

The 'On account' payments appear in blue

Highlight the entry you want to refund and press 'Refund' at the bottom

STEP 3 - Refund and amount on account
This window will now appear, here you can choose the bank you want the money to come out from and also the date, try and make sure that you use the same month that the original remiattance was made in, then press 'Refund'


STEP 4 - Refund an amount on account

Payment status is updated to 'Refunded'


STEP 5 - Refund a credit note

The following steps show how to refund an amount to customer against a normal invoice. To start, a credit note must have been previously raised for a customer.

Go to the 'Payee' tab at the top and choose the customer.

Click 'Refund a Credit' at the bottom


STEP 6 - Refund a credit note

A list of credit notes for the customer generates. Select the credit note to refund against and click blue arrow.


STEP 7 - Refund a credit note

Select the date and bank account to refund from and click 'Refund'.


STEP 8 - Refund a credit note

The refund has been processed. The credit note reflects 'Paid' status.