How to Search for a Customer within the Database

The following will describe how to use the available search fields to find your customers.


Under 'Main Menu', select 'Customers'.



There are several ways you can search for a customer in the database, below is a brief description of each one:

Account - You can use this tab to search for the clients account number if you know it.

Name - This is the Customer's Company Name, you can enter here either the full name or a partial of it to search.

Post Code - The Customers Post Code address.

Telephone - Your Customers phone number, similar to Name you can search for the full number or partial.

Ledger Account - If you invoice to a different account here you can search by the invoicing account.

Contacts - This will give you the ability to search for a company by the surname of a contact who works there.


Whichever option you use, after you enter the word press the 'TAB' button on the keyboard to be taken to that section of your database.