How to add links to your social media pages from your Customer Focus website

There are a few ways to add social media icons/ links to your web pages and Overall Layout. In the example below we will add links to the Overall Layout.

Step 1: From your Home page, select 'Appearance' then 'Overall Layout'.

Step 2: Select, 'Social Links', then click 'Insert Module'


Step 3: Add your social media link url ie: Facebook, Twitter, Blog Icon, etc. You can edit the size, and how the icons will appear on your page. If you choose for the icons to fix to the pages left edge, select the 'Fix to page edge checkbox. Click 'Save'



Step 4: Publish



 Step 5: You have added a social media icons on your page via the 'Social Links' module.





You can also import custom Social Media Icons to your site




Step 1.1: From your Overall Layout add a 'Text / HTML Block'



Step 1.2: Click the 'Inert / Edit Image icon




Step 1.3: Enter in the Social media URL(s) into the large text field.



Step 1.4: At the bottom left of the page click 'Browse'



Step 1.5: Find your image and click 'Open'



Step 1.6: Find your image and click 'Open'




Step 1.7: Click, Upload





Step 1.8: Click, 'Ok' then 'Save'




 Step 1.9: Click the image, Click the 'Insert / Edit Link' icon, type in your social media url, click 'OK" then 'Save' 



Step 1.10: Click 'Publish'