Repointing your Domain for your STORE Website


Step 1 – Log into the mange section of your site and hover over Settings then go to General Settings.

NOTE: You can log into the management portal of your site by entering your website address and adding '/manage' onto the end of the address.


Step 2 – Click on the area shown below to add your domain.


Step 3 – follow the instructions on screen to re-point your domain. You can do this by pointing the C Name record of your domain managed by your Domain Provider to the details shown.



Step 4 – Next, confirm whether you have used an IP address or CNAME re-point. Hit next, and then when prompted, click 'Save Changes'. You will be returned to the top of the Domain Repointing screen with an additional 2-row table at the top.


Step 5 (IMPORTANT) - Once the domain forward is set up on the /manage side, you need to create two 'DNS CNAME/IP records'. This is done on the server where your domain is hosted, so if you purchased the domain through a third party you will need to contact them to get these records added.

You can find the records you need to create at the top of the page once you have saved your Domain Redirect settings. You will see a table with two rows, one starting 'www' and one starting '@'. This corresponds to the record needed to grab the address including the www. and excluding it, respectively.