A Brief Overview of Subsites


What is a subsite?

A subsite is an extension of a main site. A subsite is a completely separate website with a unique URL, and can be fully customized. However, it has a limited number of Site Admin features because some of the settings are controlled through its master/parent website. Subsites are useful if you are planning a product campaign or wish to create a customised portal for one of your biggest customers.


How does a subsite work?

All products and categories are held in your main website, however you can control and limit the number of products and categories to display on your sub site. For example:


Site Admin and Subsites

When you log in to your main website, if you have subsites setup, you will see a 'Sites' menu. This is where you can log directly in to each subsite and switch between sites...

When you log in to a specific subsite, you will also notice that you do not get as many menu options as you do on your main site. If logged in to a subsite, you will NOT see the Users and Products menus...

You will also notice that under the Site Admin menu, you will not have the Orders option. this is again only available through your main website.

Products & Categories

As stated above, all products and categories are held in your main site setup. In a typical scenario you would have your main website with generic products and categories for the world to see. Products and categories that you wanted to show on a subsite would still be stored in your main website, however you would set the visibility specifically on each subsite.


Users, Customers & Registrations

Users, Customers and Registrations are also stored and controlled through your main website. New users and customers can still register through your subsite in exactly the same way as your main site, the difference being that the user registrations are held within the Site Admin of your main website. When a new user registers through your subsite they will not be able to log in to your main site using the same username/password (unless specifically setup to do so). Vice versa, if a user registers through your main site, they will not be able to log in to your sub site(s) using the same username/password.



Similarly to user registrations there are no menu options to view orders placed through a subsite. To view orders please log in to your main site.