URL Redirects

URL Redirects allows you to send your customers to a different website URL if they happen to click on a link that is no longer in use.

e.g. You may have at some point sent out a mailer with a limited special offer for a specific product. Once this offer runs out you may still get users trying to go to that link. Redirecting them elsewhere will ensure they dont get to that link any longer.

This is also a way of adding '301 redirects' which is often useful for search engine rankings or dead links.

  • Navigate to Site Admin > URL Redirects
  • Click add new
  • Enter details for redirect...

New URL = This should be either a "full URL" (beginning with "http://" ) or a "relative URL".
For a "relative URL" it should begin with a "/".

Old URL = This should be a "relative URL" - eg. /news.html or /old-website-products.asp

Type = Use a permanent redirect if you want it to automatically update this URL in Google and other search engines, and transfer any Google Page Rank the old URL might have (301).

Use a temporary redirect if you might be changing it back at a later date.

PLEASE NOTE: When uploading redirects from a CSV file, use "301" for permanent, and "302" or blank for temporary.

Condition = Only perform the redirect if this condition is met