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What is Business in a box?

If you have any interest in Business in a box, then you should know exactly what is available. In this document, we will go through all the key features available to you if you have or are looking to register for Business in a box. These include the fully customisable ecommerce web store, a complimentary constant contact account, the Artwork Tool and much more! There are links to other help sheets of ours relating to Business in a box throughout this page so do feel free to browse through all our material. You can find our contact information at the end of this page as well in case you would like to speak to us regarding the package.



Web Store.

As part of your Business in a box package you will be entitled to your very own web store. The web store as mentioned previously is fully customisable, so you can have it meet your exact needs with very little effort. Editing and managing the webstore is extremely user friendly and we have a number of help sheets and videos available to help walk you through each step! Setting up your webstore is where you will choose your layout theme. We absolutely encourage you to choose a mobile responsive theme (either Business in a box or Liquid) as this will boost your search engine optimization and of course looks fantastic for your customers on any of their devices. If you already have a web store with us that is not mobile responsive but you would like it to be, simply email support@customerfocus.com and request an extra store credit, and we will be happy to arrange this for you.


Example of Business in a Box theme home page:


Example of Liquid theme home page:

Once you have the theme sorted you can move onto customising your site so it is exactly as you would like. You can edit just about anything within your site. For example you can edit the  colour scheme,  you can add extra tabs, you can change your header or even add a google maps link. Another key element we would advise adding to your site is social media links, so that your customers are able to have multiple methods of contacting you.



Within your web store you have the option to turn on the ecommerce function if you would like to. This allows customers to pay directly on your store with their card, on account or on collection, and the transactions will go directly through either authorize.net or Paypal. Having just one ecommerce option turned on also allows your customers to use the cart feature, making placing orders on your site extremely easy for them. Any orders placed on your site will be sent directly to your email to action accordingly. Also, processing credit cards through a payment service provider ensures that your checkout process is PCI Compliant, and your customer’s data is secure. Turning on Ecommerce is so simple and can be done by following just a few simple steps and once you have done so you can make further edits within Ecommerce. For example you can create custom shipping charges and methods, you can add pick-up to these and you can even create coupons.




With the Business in a box package you will have access to the UK Full Feed and Spectrum product listings. This includes almost everything listed in our product database which is around 60,000 products! You can access these products by logging into your vision account at uk.customerfocus.com/vision. If you’re in the states then just replace uk with usa. From Vision you can view your companies statistics on the dashboard, you can search for products and even add new products into the system, you can manage your webstores and add customers onto the system as well as much more. One of the functions within Vision is order management. This is where you can create new projects, quotes and sales orders for your customers. There are many things you can do to make an order specific to the customer within order management. You can apply a deposit to an order, you can use separator lines to separate a product and it’s additional costs on a quote or sales order and you can add artwork to an order too. The presentations and projects route of ordering is extremely simple to follow.
Within the settings side of Vision, you can make changes to the information regarding your company on the system. You can edit your profile, your companies profile, add your colleagues onto the system and amend their permissions and then make changes to the system itself. The changes you can make to the system include the ability to edit your terms and conditions, set up your preferred decorators, and insert tax rules (usa).


Constant Contact.

Another handy tool within the Business in a box package that you will have access to is called Constant Contact. Constant Contact, Inc. is an online marketing company offering email marketing, social media marketing, online survey, event marketing, digital storefronts, and local deals tools, primarily to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and membership associations. Constant Contact gives you the ability to integrate Email Lists between Constant Contact and BASIC / ULTIMATE. There is a function within Constant Contact called “Manage Email Lists”, which allows you to review current email lists and add contacts too them. You can also create new email lists, and as well you can add or remove the contacts already associated within email lists that you have already created. The synchronize tab is used to update Email List changes from BASIC/ULTIMATE to CTCT or from CTCT to BASIC/ULTIMATE.. A Constant Contact user can have a listing of 500 contacts within their system and those contacts can be assigned to multiple email lists. If you want to find customers in your contact list that are specific to a certain type or product you can use the filtering dropdown menu which will filter and show any contacts in the system associated with the selected tag.  


Artwork tool.

Another Business in a box feature that is definitely worth knowing about is the Artwork Tool. This is only available with the business in a box theme and is automatically set up when you have register for Business in a box. The Artwork Tool feature allows you to remove any existing logos from a product image and either upload or create your own. This is accessible to you and also to your customers.




With Business in a box you can choose from 3 packages, bronze, silver or gold.
With the bronze package you will receive 1 web store, 2 user licences and up to 100 catalogues.
With the silver package you will receive 4 web stores, 3 user licenses and up to 250 catalogues.
And with the gold package you will receive 11 web stores, 10 user licenses and up to 500 catalogues.

For pricing details or if you have any questions regarding Business in a box please contact us on any of the below information:

Support Email: support@customerfocus.com

Telephone Number: 0844 5090030