Adding a New Customer
Adding a Contact to a Customer
How to Add a Financial Contact
How to Select an Invoicing Address for a Customer
Configuring the Customer Database Layout
How to Change the Currency and Tax Code for a Customer
Viewing Trading Details for an Individual Customer
How to Search for a Customer Within the Database
How to Set a Customer as 'Ceased Trading'
How to Set a Customer as 'On Hold'
Prospect, Customer and Supplier Databases - An Overview
Converting a Prospect into a Customer
Creating Questions and Answers for a Customer
Associating Documents to a Customer
Customer Specific Logos
How to View DDE Fields
Address Labels and Envelopes
Using Letter Templates Along with Customer Information
Setting up a Foreign Customer
How to Assign Marketing Tags to a Customer
How to Assign Marketing Tags to a Customer Contact
AWS Document Assosiation
Exporting Contacts and Contact Entry Numbers
How to Amend the Default Customer Document Path
LinkedIn Profile Integration
How to set a customer to CWO or Proforma only
Adding default messages to customer and supplier documents
GDPR Reporting
Importing GDPR approval from Dot Mailer